Demi Lovato’s Fans Defend Her Against Fat-Shaming After She Is Spotted Looking Healthier Post-Rehab

Demi Lovato is getting back into the groove of life after being released from rehab. The pop singer is completely sober but that doesn’t stop the haters from trying to bring her down.
The 26-year-old has made a few public appearances months after her nearly-fatal overdose in July. She uploaded to Instagram just in time to encourage her fans to vote and she even decided to join into some spooky activities at Halloween Horror Nights.

Frequent drug use can cause a person to lose weight or stay skinny due to a lack of appetite. Not to mention when you’re literally fighting for your life – the last thing on your mind is how you physically appear.

That’s why when new photos of the former Disney star was released, Demi looked different than she did pre-treatment.
Unfortunately, social media trolls took the opportunity to comment on her weight gain.
“D*** she got fat. Lol she looked beter when she was cracked out sorry”
“She turkied up.”
“Looks like she gave up drugs for food. Should start doing meth to keep thin.”
Luckily, Lovato has a strong and loyal fan base to defend her.
“Better to gain weight and be alive than be skinny and on drugs, you people are so cruel. After all she’s been through and her weight is all people can dwell on.”
“God I hope demi isn’t reading these comments. She isn’t even fat and if she was so what!???! She’s not doing drugs and she’s dealing with her mental illness the right way!”
“Demi, the #lovatics love you. You look amazing. Please do not listen to these ignorant, mostly male, haters. God bless you.”

Hopefully, Demi isn’t reading the ignorant statements about her size. If she is, she should know that her fans have got her back and they want the best for her.