Cardi B And Offset’s Close Pals Think They’re Not Over For Good And Here’s Why!

According to new insider reports, despite Cardi B announcing that she and Offset are heading for a divorce after separating, their close pals are not convinced it’s over for good! Apparently, they believe the rapper pair still has a future together.
Social media was shocked to see Cardi announce that after only a year of marriage, she and Offset were splitting.
But one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Cardi’s friends honestly believe that she’s going to get back together with Offset and do not believe for a minute they can stay apart. They know Cardi and Offset love one another so much and absolutely cannot imagine them splitting up forever.’
‘Her friends did not see this split coming at all and they think that she most likely had a bad argument with him last night and she needs some space to just cool down for a bit. They definitely do not see this breakup lasting long and believe they’ll find their way back to each other soon,’ they went on to dish.
Apparently, their friends believe they are going to reunite and make things work because they were perfectly happy together as recently as this past weekend when Cardi and Offset were in attendance at the December 1 KIIS FM Jingle Ball in Los Angeles.
Another insider recalled how at the event, Cardi brought her man on stage and sweetly referred to him as ‘my husband’ before they started dancing together.
They were also spotted backstage in her dressing room where Offset did not leave his wife’s side.

Overall, they looked completely in love and happier than ever, showing no signs of any marital problems so it makes sense that everyone was shocked to hear about the split.