Cardi B Finally Introduces Baby Kulture To The World – Check Out The First Ever Pic Of The Adorable Mini Me!

It’s finally happened! Amid the reports that Cardi B and her husband Offset are getting a divorce, there’s also good news! The Bodak Yellow star decided to finally introduce their baby daughter, Kulture, to the world and she is gorgeous!
As you probably know already, Cardi gave birth to the bundle of joy back in July but she’s been hesitant about showing her face on social media.
While that may have been a long time to wait for the fans, it was definitely worth it as Kulture is very adorable.
Not to mention that despite being a baby, you can already clearly tell she looks exactly like her mom!

Unfortunately, the much awaited first pic of the child is coming shortly after it was announced that her parents have split.
But while this is the first time Cardi presents the baby to the world on her own terms, Kulture has actually been photographed secretly by the paparazzi before, something that greatly angered the female emcee.
She tweeted at the time: ‘People truly are disgusting and just have no integrity! Just because people are celebs doesn’t mean motherf***ers sign a contract to just be harassed and stalked.’
And that was not the only time she got mad because of something similar.
Back in August, a pic of a baby said to be Kulture became viral and Cardi denied it was her baby girl as well as slammed all the blogs and other news sources for not respecting people’s innocent ones.
She went on to ask them to just let her show off Kulture whenever she was ready.

One source previously explained to HollywoodLife that ‘Cardi is really superstitious and worries that showing Kulture’s face will then make her a target for all the bad energy from her haters.’