Kim Kardashian Spills Tea About Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott’s Rumored Marriage

If Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott are married, Kim Kardashian is the last person in this world who will spill the tea.
A few days ago, Kylie had fans going crazy after she shared a sweet picture where she is gazing at her baby daddy and added the emoji of a diamond ring.
Many assumed that Kylie was married or engaged but she went mum on the matter.

This week, Kim did an interview with Entertainment Tonight where she was grilled about the wedding rumors, and this is what she said: “I literally need to ask her. That is going to be my next question in our group chat. We were chatting on the way over here…I think we all think that’s [just] like, you know…what they call each other. But I have no idea. I will find out! I don’t know if I will share the news with you guys, but I will [find out]. I’ll have to ask myself.”
Many believe the pair are husband and wife because that is how they refer to each other.
The power couple also made headlines in the past 48 hours after rumors claimed that Travis was cheating.

Travis slammed the rumors, and one of his pals said this about the situation: “Kylie is freaking out and has been leaning on Khloe for support dealing with nasty Travis cheating rumors. Having been through it all recently, Khloe has been helping her little sister ignore the haters and online trolls trying to tear apart her young family.”
The person added: “Kylie loves Travis and has dreams of marrying him. She wants to have more kids with him too so she would be broken-hearted if the rumors were true and Travis was unfaithful to her. She is used to random women claiming to be with her man, Kylie learned to deal with it with her ex Tyga, but with Travis, it is different because she has a child with him. Kylie would be devastated if it turned out that Travis has been fooling around on her.”

Kylie has revealed she is eager to have more children with Travis.