KUWK: Kourtney Kardashian Loves That Scott Disick Is Jealous Of The Men Flirting With Her – Here’s Why!

It seems like no matter who shows interest in Kourtney Kardashian, be it Liam Payne, Travis Barker or anyone else out there, her ex and baby daddy Scott Disick is overwhelmed by jealousy.

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that the KUWK star actually loves it when the Lord struggles with his lingering feelings for her.
As a result, the mother of three likes to make Scott jealous as much as possible.

This sounds like payback! After all, Kourtney used to suffer from heartbreak every time her man would flirt with other women and now that they are no longer together, he seems to be the one hurt by her flirting.

So why does Kourtney love to make him suffer so much? Apparently, Scott’s jealousy ‘makes her feel loved, wanted and sexy.’

The insider explained to the outlet that ‘Kourtney is well aware that Scott’s watching her every single move, who she dates, and also who flirts with her online. Kourtney likes knowing Scott is watching and that he regrets losing her.’

After the two went their separate ways, Scott found love with much younger model Sofia Richie but it sounds like he’s still very conflicted between the two women since he still has a lot of love for his ex as well.

As for Travis Barker, he and Kourt have a pretty platonic relationship since they’ve been close friends for years but the Kardashian’s baby daddy is still ’suspicious’ they might be more than that.

‘He gets all riled up when he sees pics of them hanging out. It bugs Scott because he feels like Kourtney is hiding something from him,’ another insider shared with HollywoodLife.