Mackenzie Standifer Gushes Over Her Husband Ryan Edwards – Shares First Pic Of Him After Rehab Stint

Mackenzie Standifer is as happy as she can be to have her man back at home! As fans of Teen Mom know, Ryan Edwards is out of rehab now and his loving wife took to social media to express her love for him with a sweet pic and message.
The 21 year old is very proud of her husband for completing his rehab stint and loves to just see him at home.
That being said, when one fan asked about him on her Insta Stories, Mackenzie used this opportunity to share the very first pic of Edwards since his return from rehab.
‘How is life now that Ryan is home with the kids and the new baby?’ one follower was curious to know.
The proud wife replied that ‘He is the biggest help. I love this man.’
Alongside, she included a snap of Ryan in front of what seemed like a bed, sitting on the floor.

As Teen Mom fans know, Ryan spent no less than 90 days in a center where he checked himself into back in September.
Sadly enough, while he was getting the help he needed, Ryan missed the birth of his and Mackenzie’s son together, Jagger, on October 9.
The father was able to see the infant on Skype after he was born and the birth was also later aired on the show.

Mackenzie has stayed by Ryan’s side through his battle with addition and when one user previously asked the woman why she hadn’t left him, she replied: ‘Do you burn just your house down when it is dirty? No. Do you just set your car on fire when it only needs a new part? No. Just because somebody has a problem does not give you an excuse to give up.’