Nev Schulman’s Wife Had A “Breakdown” After She Gained 20 Pounds During Pregnancy

When Nev Schulman’s wife, Laura Perlongo, was pregnant with their first child back in 2016, it was easy for her to make it to yoga class. All she had to do was take a taxi and it was as simple as that.
However, now that she’s pregnant with their second baby, things are a lot different. She’s expecting a child next month – a baby boy. The soon-to-be father-of-two said it was easy for him to be active back then because they didn’t have a toddler walking around – but that has all changed.
The 34-year-old small screen star said to Us Weekly on the 3rd of December, that things have been more challenging since they now have a baby in the home. And perhaps one of the more challenging things for Laura is the fact she gained approximately 20 pounds in the first trimester. In fact, she nearly had a mental “meltdown” because of it.

Her mental health took a hit because of the serious physical, and thus emotional changes. Perlongo said she was gaining a lot of weight and “kind of had a meltdown.”
Thankfully, however, through the use of a bit of introspection, Laura figured out there was something seriously wrong with her diet. She was simply not taking care of herself, and that’s why she gained so much weight.
Her solution was to hit the gym a lot more: around four times a week, with the elliptical being her favorite instrument of choice. While she hasn’t lost much weight, she is no longer gaining pounds around her bottom and stomach.
Admittedly, not having junk food around the house will be tough for her, the actress remarked. These days, she has been eating cookie plates, despite being formerly on a no-refined-sugar diet.

As for the future of their children, Laura said she and Nev have similar outlooks and understandings on what should be important in terms of raising kids. Schulman laughed to Us Weekly while explaining the millennial obsession with organic foods, stating that while they think the same things are valuable, they likely won’t take it as far as some may.