Quincy Brown And Christian Combs Are Stepping Up To Help Diddy Raise Their Twin Sisters After Kim Porter’s Death

By the looks of things, Kim Porter’s family is in good hands because her sons — Quincy Brown and Christian Combs — have stepped up to take care of their young twin sisters — 11-year-old D’Lila Star and Jessie James.
Of course, Sean “Diddy” Combs is present more than ever in his children’s lives.
Diddy recently shared a video where he is driving the twins to school and Christian has been doing the same.
Diddy also took the entire clan on a boat ride on the freezing water of New York.
A source told Hollywood Life: “Quincy’s still coming to terms with the loss of his mom, it was so unexpected and such a shock. Quincy and his mom were so close; there’s going to be a hole in his life forever. But he’s doing his best to stay strong, not only for himself but also for his younger sisters and his brother.”

The person added: “Quincy knows his mom would want them all to keep on living their lives to the fullest, so that’s what he’s determined to do. As much as it’s a struggle to move forward in the midst of so much grief, it’s also helping him heal. He’s getting so much support from all the cast and crew, and it’s giving him something to focus his mind on other than his pain. It’s absolutely what his mom would want too. She was always his biggest cheerleader and so proud of his talent.”

Quincy recently paid tribute to his late mother saying: “You showed me how to simply live life and be happy no matter the circumstances. So that’s exactly what I’m doing. I miss & love you so much mommy.”
One fan reacted by wishing the family well: “Your mom was a good person by the luv people showed to her and for her. God is amazing. He is making sure you all maintain the family values and the vibe that goes along with greatness. Your mom is watching over all of you. Happy to see you all are working to be ok after such a great loss. Strength comes in numbers.”

Commenters are doing their best to send the family love.