Cardi B Makes Out With Her iHeart Award After Winning Hip-Hop Artist Of The Year

In true Cardi B fashion, she did something epic and hilarious after winning an award at the iHearts on March 14! After making headlines last year for thanking her haters, Cardi’s done it again this year by licking her trophy…a lot.

Cardi B, 26, is an entertainer. Period. And, she did not fail at doing just that at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in LA on March 14. The Grammy Award winning rapper, who couldn’t attend the annual show in person, she made up for it by recording a “thank you” video for her fans after she won Hip-Hop Artist of the Year in 2019. After she hilariously thanked her fans, and her haters (again), Cardi made out with her trophy! Oh, you don’t believe us? — Take a look for yourself, below.

Although the rapper wasn’t in attendance at the show, it was a big night for her. Cardi is nominated for a total of 14 iHeartRadio Music Awards; Well, she already took home one, so, you do the math. Here’s what she’s still in the running for: Hip Hop Artist; Fan Army; Lyrics “Girls Like You”; Music Video “I Like It”; Music Video “Girls Like You”; Music Video “Taki Taki”; Music Video “Finesse”‘ Female Artist” ; R&B Song “Finesse”; Collaboration “Girls Like You”; Collaboration “Finesse”; Song “Girls Like You”; Hip-Hop Song “I Like It”.

Cardi entered the sixth annual iHearts already a two-time winner. She took home the awards for New Artist and New Hip-Hop Artist during last year’s show, where she made headlines for calling out her haters in her acceptance speech. After she received the award for New Artist, Cardi couldn’t help but thank her fans and critics in the best way possible.

“Oh my God! I am going to thank a lot of people because a lot of people helped me with my success so here it goes,” the “Money” rapper began. “And I want to thank my haters too. Because, ha-ha-ha, because, they be downloading my stuff so they can hear it and talk crap about it. But it benefits me. Ha-ha-ha,” Cardi shared while laughing. “My album will be coming in April. Okay? Yes, sir. April. Stay tuned mother f–kers owwww.”

Cardi also performed a medley of her hits at the 2018 awards show, including “Bartier Cardi”, her verse on “Motorsport”, “No Limit” with special guest, G-Eazy, and “Bodak Yellow”. Unfortunately, we won’t get a live performance from Cardi at the iHearts, this year, — but, there’s always 2020!


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