Sarah Hyland’s Boyfriend Wells Adams In Love With How ‘Beautiful’ She Looks As Her Pregnant Character On ‘Modern Family’

It sounds like Wells Adams just got inspired to maybe have a baby of his own with girlfriend Sarah Hyland after seeing her with a fake pregnant belly in the role of Haley on Modern Family. As fans know, the character is now expecting twins, and it turns out that Wells thinks his actress significant other looks ‘beautiful’ with a baby bump.
During the show’s latest episode, the Bachelorette star took to social media to gush over how good his girlfriend looks knocked up.
Wells filmed the TV as the episode was airing and during a scene in which Haley says she is like a ‘disgusting pig monster,’ the man protested.
‘You’re not a disgusting pig monster! You’re beautiful!’
Not only that but when he shared the short clip on his IG Stories, he made sure to caption it with ‘hot pregnant woman.’ Aww….
Even if she is not actually pregnant, this is kind of heartwarming anyway!
And that is not even all! Later on, Sarah also shared Wells’ video and said that she loves him too.
Are the two considering starting a little family of their own?
At this point, that doesn’t seem to be the case since they may not want to make such a big step so quickly.
Yes, their romance is going strong, but there is no need to hurry into such a big commitment!
As for her character on Modern Family, the fans learned back at the beginning of January that Haley was not just pregnant, but that she was expecting twins!
Hearing the two heartbeats during an ultrasound, she freaked out!

The day after the episode, Sarah took to her Insta page to post a pic of her wearing the fake belly.

In the caption, she wrote: ‘Well I guess the cat’s outta the bag!!! Or more like the bump’s outta the shirt!….. that was a horrible joke. I apologize.’


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