wrote Brittany Spanos in Rolling Stone.


The New York Times described the film – which is almost 150 minutes long – as consisting of footage “viewers have already seen (and, perhaps, seen again and again) this time through a greater variety of angles and Instagram-like filters.

“The ‘intimate and ‘candid’ moments touted by Netflix are brief in comparison,” they add, “appearing between long, uninterrupted musical segments from the show.

“Those moments will be enough to satisfy the overzealous Beyhive and probably more casual fans and admirers, too.”

“While the behind-the-scenes footage is only a fraction of the total film, Beyoncé is refreshingly candid about the hard work that it took to put the shows together,” wrote Brittany Spanos in Rolling Stone.

“Some of the film’s best scenes include the pop diva sternly but kindly dragging her team, who seem to have a hard time grasping her highly specific vision.”