Advertise With Us

Thanks for your interest in advertising on Mezicon!

If you are interested in  reaching a target audience through our platform, there are various package for this. They include:-

1. Event Hype.

2. Brand/Business Hype.

3. Custom Designed Hype.

For more info on each package, please send an e-mail to indicating:
1) Your real name and phone number.
2) The name, description and web address of each product/service you want to advertise.

We’ll inform you about how to pay for your ads after verifying that your product is suitable for promotion on Mezicon.

Once you’ve paid and sent us your banner ads/promotional materials, we’ll upload your banner ads and activate them within minutes or hours.

Things you should know

  • Your advert banner will feature on every page of the website
  • You get one side bar advert on the right of the blog (300×250, 336*280)
  •  You get one post insertion bar below ALL posts on the website. (468×60)
  • All ads should be sent in jpeg or gif format to no later than 2 working days prior to insertion
  • Please include your company name and the URL to which your ad should link. (If available)
  • All ads on Mezicon are prepaid

Thank you for your generated interest in reaching out to a target audience via our platform. We do look forward to a lasting business relationship with you.